Only Italian pork, from the heart of the Food Valley
The advanced production facilities at Felino include nine slicing lines as well as an ultramodern deboning area, and are located right in the middle of the traditional area for production of unique Italian meat products: Parma Ham, Salami Felino, Coppa di Parma (pork neck), Pancetta arrotolata (pork belly), Spalla di San Secondo (pork shoulder), Culatello. It’s only in this region that one can produce and slice the PDO Parma Ham. The company is part of a group of companies with a long experience in Parmesan meat products manufacturing: Cavalier Umberto Boschi, Prosciuttificio Tre Stelle and Furlotti & C which are the suppliers of most of the products Fratelli Tanzi produces and slices. Each step of the production process, from farm to final product, is controlled and only Italian pork from animals bred and fed according to strictly controlled procedures is used.