TOP Product Range
This is the highly selected take away product line, which allows the product to maintain the organoleptical features of
meat products sliced in a deli shop and combines this with the comfort of eating the product even after several days.
The first step consists in a rigorous selection of the raw materials, using choice criteria that are based on taste, visual
and olfactory assessments; then the raw materials are prepared for slicing, and in this phase the products are held
at the right temperature to avoid stressing the meat so there is no freezing damage to the meat fibres; after this step
of meat tempering, the products are sliced and here it is important to keep the slicing at a low speed to guarantee
perfect slices which are then with great accuracy laid manually in the preformed packs.

Classical Product Range
The self-service product range. Extremely versatile and an excellent compromise between high quality and
manufacturing cost efficiency. This is a product range that offers the best flexibility when defining the pack weights,
the size of labels to be applied to the pack, as well as the quality of the selected films.

Latte a fette
In July 2009 this product line was launched, being a very innovative range of sliced products. It is made up of highly
selected cheeses (some of which are Italian cheeses, made with ONLY ITALIAN MILK whereas a few others are
cheeses sourced from abroad), produced with only milk, rennet, salt and milk ferments. No preservatives, colourings
or acidity regulators are used (even the smoking is done naturally without the use of artificial smoke flavouring). Ideal
to create a light dish, as a snack or to be used in numerous recipes.